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Solar Thermal Water Heating

Free Energy!

Many people think that solar panels only work in the summer.

Not so… this type of free energy is available throughout the year. From May to September, thermal Solar can produce up to 100% of the energy required for heating your domestic water, operating not only with direct sunlight, but also diffused sunlight.  They even work on cloudy days!

Benefits of Solar Energy

A solar thermal system can provide most of your hot water needs during the summer months, or approximately 60% of your hot water needs throughout the year (figures depend on geographic position).

Flat plate solar energy collector

This system uses an absorber plate with a transparent cover and is insulated from behind to prevent heat loss. The solar heat is transferred to liquid via pipes lying along the plate within the collector. This system is simple and robust.

Evacuated tube solar energy collector

This system uses tubes of a thermos type, an inner and outer glass tube which are sealed together at the top and bottom creating an enclosed vacuum layer. Convection losses are almost eradicated in the vacuum tubes making this type of system more efficient but also  less robust and more susceptible to vandalism than flat plate.

The Grant Solar Thermal Range encompasses many unique components, including:
Two alternative styles of flat plate solar energy collector, “Sahara” and “Aurora”, Multifunctional controllers with LCD displays and various mounting arrangements.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxWxD) 2043 x 1143 x 80 mm
Collector gross area 2.34 m2
Maximum Power Output per collector 1.7 kW




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