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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Just a few of the benefits of installing a ground source heat pump, in today’s economy

A ground source heat pump can reduce annual heating running costs by 80% (when compared to oil) Between August 1st and the point in which the budget of £15 million is consumed, the government are offering £1250 of grant funding to all homeowners who install a ground source heat pump. This is a cash-limited offer. Renewable Heat Incentive payments will be paid to the owner of the heat pump, for a total of 20 years.  Payments to commence from October 2012

Ground Source units

Ground source systems collect natural heat from the ground through a series of closed loop pipes in a trench of approximately 1.2 metres deep. Ground source pond or open water systems collect natural heat from closed or open loop systems submersed in a pond, river or open water. The ground in the UK remains at a stable temperature of approximately 10 degrees centigrade. This heat is captured by the heat pump and the ground temperature is renewed by the sun or rain.

A special mixture of water and an environmentally friendly anti-freeze solution circulates through the loop in a closed circuit system, moving the heat from the ground to the heat pump. An indoor heat pump uses electrically driven compressors and heat exchangers in a vapour compression cycle.

The pump concentrates this energy and releases it inside the building at a higher temperature through radiators, under floor heating, or into a hot water cylinder.
A comfort cooling system by reversing the process and putting heat back into the ground can be a benefit available in warm months.



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