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I want to reduce my energy costs but how do I know which system is right for me?

Pure Green Energy Ltd will meet with you and discuss your needs and offer a free, no obligation proposal.

My roof is not facing true South. Can I still use solar energy?

Yes you can but you will get a reduced return as south facing roofs provide the optimum elevation.

What are FITs?

Feed In Tariffs (FITs) are financial incentives for installing renewable energy systems.

How important is the design of a renewable heating system?

System design is very important. Pure Green Energy Ltd will calculate the heat loss for each project in order to specify the size of heating appliance required. Initial surveys are free of charge and budget costing are issued subject to survey. 

What size heat pump will I need?

This depends on the heat loss of the property, target room temperatures and annual outside temperature data. The current Microgeneration Certification requires a heat pump to be able to provide for the total heating load of the building as defined in MIS3005 v3.1

Can I fit a heat pump in an existing house?

In some cases this may be possible. The main factor in establishing whether a heat pump can be efficiently installed, is the insulation quality and heat loss of the property.  

Can a low temperature heat pump provide domestic hot water?

Most low temperature heat pumps can provide domestic hot water up to 50º C.

Do heat pumps and solar thermal systems require regular servicing?

If a servicing agreement is purchased with your installation, Pure Green Energy Ltd, will check and service the system each year. As a minimum all renewable systems require an annual inspection.

Can Heat Pumps be used to heat swimming pools?

Yes - Dedicated swimming pool heat pumps are optimised for swimming pool temperatures. These heat pumps can provide a cost effective alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Swimming pool heat pump systems fitted in conjunction with a photovoltaic system can further off-set pool heating costs.


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